Sunday, 1 April 2012

UK Catfight's: Classic Topless submission

It's worth remembering that the catfighting world was dragged into the 21st century when the Catz Review put the deadly combination of Hurricane and Miss Dynamite together in 2009 Hurricane vs Miss Dynamite This now iconic classic topless submission catfight made Miss Dynamite a household name.  A lot of credit has to go to Hurricane who was the perfect foil for her arch nemesis.

Catfighting UK

Hurricane was simply awesome and irresistible to other would-be catfighters; her first encounter was with Princess (Hurricane vs Princess - 010).  Many people will be amazed when I tell them that this was Hurricanes first ever catfight, and yes, it really was! She was simply a natural with, admittedly, a cruel and sadistic side which the unfortunate SusieLee  Hurricane vs SusieLee   found out to her cost.  Hurricane showed how fast, strong and incredibly vicious she was as a fighter! I know there will be many female fighters out there today who will pray that she stays in retirement!

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