Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Wicked Catfight


Foxy vs Eve is a topless submission catfight produced by The Catz Review which goes the whole 5 rounds. Yes there is the winner, so do not worry, it doesn’t end in a draw. 👿 😈

When both ladies have stripped off, Foxy is left in her thong and a quarter cup bra. This was agreed at the beginning as I decided it would be a very erotic look. This causes some confusion and Eve mistakenly leaves her bra on, and proceeds to fight all the way through round 1 with it on! However, this does not stop Foxy from getting her hands inside Eve’s bra and squeezing her opponent’s little breasts!

In round 2 Eve removes her bra. The fight doesn’t actually last very long, but it is very memorable for Foxe introducing Eve to wedges! Does Eve get through the round with her thong still on her sexy slim body? This is something those of you who choose to purchase this catfight will obviously find out.

Round 3 is where the tide well and truly turns - One of these young ladies finds that she has to fight a reargued action throughout the round & the rest of the fight. Her struggle at times is incredibly sexy. Having said that she still manages to get in some nipple tweaks which starts to frustrate her opponent.

The winning lady really has her wicked way with her opponent throughout round 4. Sexy stretching - pinning down her opponent (who is helpless) is a really sexy highlight of this round. The dominant lady even finds time to look at the camera and pose - but she forgets to ask her opponent if she wishes to submit! Obviously this means that we go into a 5th round……. And you can be sure that the lady who has been on the receiving end will take any opportunity that comes her way in order to try and snatch victory from the jaws of defeat!

This catfight contains hair pulling, nipple tweaks, wedges and some very sexy moves. 😈

Monday, 27 August 2018

Sexy Topless Catfight


This will be a blonde vs brunette catfight. Foxy is an intelligent and sexy lady who is from the back streets of Liverpool who is not shy when it comes to the naughty tactics. Everyone knows that Eve is a very sexy little brunette who is very fast. She also has a habit of bending the rules during a catfight - will the busty blonde from Liverpool show Eve just how tough ladies are from the North of England, or will Eve show the busty blonde just how many painful moves she can inflict on an opponent?



Of course we do have a few pre-fight images and some with a bit of action, which will hopefully wet your appetite!

Obviously when this catfight is released we will have a video preview available for you fans.

Lacey vs Super Vixen

Wednesday, 15 August 2018

One Sided Catfight


We at The Catz Review can provide a pre-fight interview -

When I 1st release this catfight I did not give it a very good review at all. I have since been informed by a lot of fans that this is “a good one sided catfight.” I suppose my reason for being so negative towards this catfight was that I expect more from both ladies - it starts off so well - incredibly intense and aggressive, and when the ladies to go down onto the mats, you do get to see one of the ladies get a fish’s pussy grab! The eventual winner did inform me that finger her opponent at one particular point during the fight. Just the sort out the moaning from the losing lady who can do nothing but try to resist the enjoyment of her humiliation!


Super Vixen

This one sided catfight between the 2 blondes is proving to be quite popular amongst a large portion of seasoned catfight fans who are enjoying the fact that this catfight is very cheaply priced.

LOLO VS EVE - is another blonde vs blonde catfight produced by The Catz Review & Catfighting UK which is a great spectacle. If it wasn’t for the fact that it had a weak ending, then I’m sure this would have been a classic with you fans!

I managed to take 160 pics of the fight action, most of which can be found on our Twitter.

Below is new lady Foxy - fans of ladies with large boobs will be very interested in seeing how this sexy Foxy lady performs a full on catfight!


Thursday, 12 July 2018

Lolo vs Eve Catfight

This was a catfight to help Lolo get into the swing of things. The young blonde shows great potential throughout this catfight. Catfight fans will enjoy the fact that both ladies have their hair down and fight that way. For me I thought it took away some of the raw aggression we usually have in our fights. Others may disagree and think that this style is the way forward.

Nipple tweaks!

I would recommend watching the video preview and making up your mind as to whether this catfight is for you. I class it as a stepping stone for young Lolo who will definitely show us her true potential in future fights… She’s not afraid of nudity or the competition!


Friday, 6 July 2018

Blonde vs blonde Catfight


Lolo is new to catfighting but does turn up determined to give Eve a fight. Both ladies had previously agreed to fight with their hair down, and thankfully they did. Will Lolo proved to be the sexy blonde who teaches the wild child Eve a lesson? Or will Eve ease into a comfortable win in this blonde vs blonde catfight?



Nipples get tweaked!