Friday, 16 September 2016

Catfighting UK Update

Sexy blonde bomb to make an entrance into the catfighting world in October!

Blonde Jess is a strong minded feisty character who has not backed down from a challenge so far. The sexy blonde sat there and watched Jessica vs Skyler fight it out. Far from being afraid, the young blonde could not wait to get stuck in! Is she crazy? No, she is just a sexy young lady who intends to show you fans that she can live with the best here at The Catz Review & Catfighting UK. I think you will all agree that we are in need of a beautiful blonde who is going to kick some ass!

Jess –

Jess vs Skyler?

Jessica is determined to get into a catfight with anyone. As those who purchase the Jessica vs Skyler catfight knows, the young lady is very feisty and loves a good fight.

If you haven’t already, please check out the preview of Jessica vs Skyler by clicking on this link –

As well as Demona, another guest fighter coming up in the next few months is cheeky, Amethyst. Most people know Amethyst as a very sexy, blue haired, mixed session wrestler. But what a lot of people don’t know is that Amethyst had her 1st ever catfight at the age of 19. This sexy lady has expressed an interest in going back to her roots. Let’s just hope she doesn’t see too much of her roots if she does decide to get on the mat and fight one of my ladies!

Are you interested in the 4K version of Jessica vs Skyler? If so, please follow the instructions below this link -

Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Catfight Showdown!


We prefer dressing gowns but the sight of seeing Jessica whipping her dress off leaving her in just a thong I think is very effective & erotic site.

The 2 stunning brunettes met in the middle of the mat and, after a stair, tore into one another seconds after I had given the command to fight. Jessica immediately takes Skyler down onto the mat and starts to unload some heavy artillery in the form of slaps to the same spot. A lesser person would have panicked and lost their composure. Skyler stayed calm and slowly fought her way back into the fight. At this stage Skyler’s thong was only hanging on by a thread. Before the end of the round, Skyler manages to reciprocate with a wedgie to her dominant opponent!

Topless/Nude Catfight - Jessica vs Skyler - The Preview -

Before round 2 starts we have the site of the blooming beauty that is, Skyler standing naked but for her hold up stockings, and of course Jessica looks like she has been dragged through a hedge backwards; her thong somehow managing to stay on! This round is much more even. Both ladies have their moments. Skyler manages to get Jessica temporarily flat on the mat which allows her to give the sexy brunette a nipple tweak and a tit slap! Jessica gets back into position and persists with devastating slaps. At the end of the round both ladies are looking pretty dishevelled.

Round 3 starts the usual way. Mistakes are made by both ladies, but one lady makes a fatal mistake and tries desperately to get out of a submission move! Which lady is in peril and which is on the verge of victory is a question you will discover when you have purchased this catfight which was filmed in 4K, & rendered to 720p for our clips4sale website

Who’s in Control?

The beauty of this catfight was and it was filmed with 2 4K cameras so you will be able to see a devastating submission move delivered from 2 different angles.

Buy now - clips4sale website!

Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Catfighting UK Blog Update


New lady Jessica has seen all the videos. The sexy long-haired brunette has studied the catfight scene & established the best techniques she hopes will help her win her 1st ever catfight! It’s not often I interview ladies who show no fear. Will she crush Skyler into submission and become an unstoppable force in the catfighting world? Or, alternatively will she find the pace to frantic and burn herself out from the 1st few rounds?

Again I will have to apologise as we are short staffed and do not have a photographer at present. This means that I have to resort to screenshots. I think you fans prefer both but would definitely choose a video preview over images/pics any day of the week.

Another new lady called Jess also hopes to make a big impression in the catfighting world that is, The Catz Review. Fans will be glad to know that Jess is in fact a blonde. I think fans will agree that we have had a shortage of blondes for a few years now. Having met Jess, again I have been struck by her lack of fear. It's early days but I can confidently predict that both ladies will become a hit with you fans and will hopefully stick around for a while.


This is unseen Footage from the Bad-tempered (137) catfight between Rebel & Killer Sex –

If you haven’t already purchase the video/clip and you want to know who is right, then I’m afraid the only way is to purchase the entire catfight, which of course is on our clips4sale website.

Guest fighter: Demona Dragon - the sexy adult film star will be in action sometime in October.

Wednesday, 17 August 2016


As usual both ladies start from a standing position, and after a deep stare, both ladies take a step back before attacking each other with stinging slaps. Scarlett doesn’t take long to get her opponent down onto the mat. Both ladies show their incredible mat skill as they fight on the floor for most of round one. At the end of the round it surprising to see that it is Scarlett who is the lady left naked. 

In round 2 Scarlett tries desperately to get her opponents thong off so as to even the score. It isn’t long before both ladies are fighting naked, pussy to pussy. Scarlett is not looking quite so happy because she fails to get her naked opponent to submit. A few choice words from Skyler and somehow she manages to get out of a submission move & tries to reverse the favour.

In round 3 this catfight could go either way. By this stage Skyler has given Scarlett’s little tits a good work out. In sheer desperation, Scarlett flipped Skyler over and mounts her opponent and inches her throbbing pussy closer to victory…….. Again somehow Skyler manages to escape and is saved by the bell. 

With both ladies naked we move into the 4th and final round. I won’t give the ending a way other than to say that the ending submission is swiftly executed!

All in all this is a very long and gruelling catfight in which both ladies fight nude but for the 1st few minutes. This catfight is a very competitive sexually charged affair which is definitely not for the shy, never mind the fainthearted!

Tuesday, 9 August 2016



These 2 ladies have met socially before and have a mutual respect for one another. However, when it comes to catfighting both ladies have an extremely competitive streak. Not only are they feisty young ladies, but they are also not frightened of the naughty stuff that can go on during a catfight.

I think we all agree that Skyler has developed into a very accomplished fighter since she 1st arrived on the scene in a catfight against retired middleweight champion, Kat. 

Scarlett has had a bit of a baptism of fire in respect that I put the young lady against G - Star in her 1st ever competitive/real catfight. Despite the antics of G - Star, Scarlett still managed to get an impressive win.

I don’t think a catfight between Scarlett & Skyler will be such a bad tempered affair, but I do expect it to be very naughty and could well end up nude in what is likely to be a thong ripping catfight.

A video preview of the catfight between Scarlett & Skyler will be available upon release.

Bonus footage from The Boss vs Skyler - 144 -

I think I speak for the vast majority of catfight fans when I say that I hope that the rematch between The Boss & Skyler takes place sometime soon.

Unfortunately little Mercy has yet to make a comeback. On a personal note I do wonder whether our fights that we produce in today’s world are far too intense for the sexy little minx. 

Those of you who wish to view our top 4/5 catfights in 4K can do so by clicking on the PAYPAL BUTTON and (as well is making a donation) leave me an EMAIL ADDRESS & a PASSWORD of your choosing.

It’s great to build to hit the SLOW MOTION but when you are watching your favourite naughty catfight! 

Monday, 18 July 2016

Quality Catfights


If you would like the right to view the 4K version of The Boss vs Skyler, Cindy vs Skyler, Rebel vs Killer Sex & Scarlett vs G Star…. Not to mention Scarlett vs Rebel, then please make a donation by clicking on the PayPal Button & remember to leave your email address & a password of your choosing! 

Check out the screenshot below –

This is so that I can grant you access to view the videos in either 2K or 4K! 

You log in with your details at the top right-hand side.

Please click on the bottom right-hand side to alter the resolution and speed.

These are the unabridged versions of the fight videos so they will take up the whole of your monitor or TV!

Once you have access, you merely have to do click on the white arrow in the centre of the video. When the video starts playing you will see there is a star symbol at the bottom right hand side of the player which will allow you to adjust the video player to 2K or 4K depending on your bandwidth & preference. You can also alter the speed so that you can watch the videos in slow motion. Then all you have to do is click the full size symbol at the bottom of the right hand side and sit back and enjoy!

Please be aware that the price on the current PayPal Button is $15. That is way too low and will rise to around $30 in the next few days.

Once you have made your purchase you will have the ability to watch your 4K videos on our video website. This has the advantage of not taking up dozens of GB of space on your computer/tablet/phone.

Don’t forget you can still purchase catfights like The Boss vs Skyler in 720p on our clips4sale website.


Warning: these videos belong to The Catz Review & any misuse of the right to view the videos can be withdrawn without notice should I/we suspect any individual of making an attempt to steal/share videos with other people who have not purchased the right to view them!

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Wednesday, 6 July 2016

Tit Squeezing Catfight

The Boss vs Skyler - Available to Purchase – Now!

The Boss vs Skyler - is a topless submission catfight which will remind many loyal customers of our ladies original British fighting style, except of course the nipple tweaks, which in this particular catfight are plentiful.

Check out the Preview & purchase a clip from our clips4sale website -

Both of these incredibly beautiful ladies are 100% committed to winning this catfight. We start off in the usual way with both ladies being called to the centre of the mats, before I give them the instructions to “fight.” Those of you who like your ladies to be able to do more than just pull hair will see just how skilful both these ladies are at using their legs during this fight. 

At the beginning of this catfight you could say that Skyler finds herself tied up! Fans of The Boss will remember that she is a very talented fighter, however, I never realised she knew how to use her legs to such an effect! I don’t know whether she’s been practising but if she has, that’s fair play as it is perfectly legal to get in some practice!

The 2nd round is more even although you could give it to Skyler because she gets in a few painful nipple tweaks. At one stage while they are still standing, it is obvious that The Boss is trying to protect one of her tits. This isn’t to say that Skyler emerges from the end of the round unscathed.

In the 3rd and final round I have to use both cameras in order to get the best of the action. Who wins…..? 

Check out the Preview & purchase a clip from our clips4sale website.

'Guys;  this is a repost of my critique which was originally posted on the announcement post for this fight........GREAT CATFIGHT......a must buy from the CATZR crew......

James'  I have gone back and thought hard about it, and I can honestly say this was without question the most evenly matched catfight I have EVER watched (and I have watched literally hundreds of very good ones that were quite close).  There were more advantage reversals in this catfight than I have ever witnessed.  Boss was in tremendous physical shape and endurance after her layoff, obviously she did not allow her time away from the ring to keep her from doing some serious conditioning.  And she is truly, more beautiful now then back in the day, when she was strikingly beautiful!  Skylar was equally exciting and I especially appreciate how much BETTER she has become over the past  months.  She has transitioned from a determined young lady without only a few moves, into a truly skilled catfighter who treats her time in the ring as though she were a professional athlete.....The flexibility, stamina, and determination was amazing.......Both girls were dripping with intensity and desire to win, and it came across in spades as they traded body slaps, nipple twists, and some VERY serious hair pulling.  By round 3, both girls were showing some real signs of the blows they had sustained in the earlier rounds.   And the way they were tied up on the ground, it was like they were both experts in Yoga.......The victor was in question to the very last and I for one could not say up until the very last minute who was edging out who......just perfect......Well Done Buddy.  Please pass my very best to both girls for an absolutely spectacular fight! This is one that SCREAMS for a rematch...... ATB....... Wink'