Wednesday, 15 August 2018

One Sided Catfight


We at The Catz Review can provide a pre-fight interview -

When I 1st release this catfight I did not give it a very good review at all. I have since been informed by a lot of fans that this is “a good one sided catfight.” I suppose my reason for being so negative towards this catfight was that I expect more from both ladies - it starts off so well - incredibly intense and aggressive, and when the ladies to go down onto the mats, you do get to see one of the ladies get a fish’s pussy grab! The eventual winner did inform me that finger her opponent at one particular point during the fight. Just the sort out the moaning from the losing lady who can do nothing but try to resist the enjoyment of her humiliation!


Super Vixen

This one sided catfight between the 2 blondes is proving to be quite popular amongst a large portion of seasoned catfight fans who are enjoying the fact that this catfight is very cheaply priced.

LOLO VS EVE - is another blonde vs blonde catfight produced by The Catz Review & Catfighting UK which is a great spectacle. If it wasn’t for the fact that it had a weak ending, then I’m sure this would have been a classic with you fans!

I managed to take 160 pics of the fight action, most of which can be found on our Twitter.

Below is new lady Foxy - fans of ladies with large boobs will be very interested in seeing how this sexy Foxy lady performs a full on catfight!


Thursday, 12 July 2018

Lolo vs Eve Catfight

This was a catfight to help Lolo get into the swing of things. The young blonde shows great potential throughout this catfight. Catfight fans will enjoy the fact that both ladies have their hair down and fight that way. For me I thought it took away some of the raw aggression we usually have in our fights. Others may disagree and think that this style is the way forward.

Nipple tweaks!

I would recommend watching the video preview and making up your mind as to whether this catfight is for you. I class it as a stepping stone for young Lolo who will definitely show us her true potential in future fights… She’s not afraid of nudity or the competition!


Friday, 6 July 2018

Blonde vs blonde Catfight


Lolo is new to catfighting but does turn up determined to give Eve a fight. Both ladies had previously agreed to fight with their hair down, and thankfully they did. Will Lolo proved to be the sexy blonde who teaches the wild child Eve a lesson? Or will Eve ease into a comfortable win in this blonde vs blonde catfight?



Nipples get tweaked!

Wednesday, 6 June 2018

5 round thriller!


These supremely confident Eve strips down to her thong and meets The Boss in the middle of the mats. They give each other an intense stare, and, as soon as I say “fight” both ladies go for each other’s ponytail. Eve somehow manages to take The Boss down onto the mats straightaway. Both ladies pull each other’s hair, hard. Eve puts the pressure on The Boss with some head scissors, before executing a headlock. I have to remind Eve to not squeeze her opponent’s throat too much as this move is not technically in the rules.

Eve vs The Boss - video preview -

Once again, Eve uses some clever (if not devious) moves to take her opponent down. This time The Boss finds her smaller opponent on top of her! Once again the hair pulling is extremely intense. I make no apologies for having to verbally intervene when once again Eve’s tactics are not exactly what I was hoping to see. The Boss never lets go of her opponent’s hair. She even picks up her opponent on several occasions throughout the 2nd round.

You cannot but notice that at the start of round 3, Eve is still looking confident. This time The Boss dodges Eve, only for the agile small the lady to quickly turn round and jump back onto her opponent! The Boss temporarily finds herself in a slightly embarrassing hold! However, everyone knows that The Boss is very tenacious, and manages to twist her body so that she can grab her opponent’s hair again. A test of ponytail strength is initiated by The Boss, who tries to pull her smaller opponent around by her hair! This gives her temporary success!

It is worth pointing out that that there is a lot of bad feeling between these 2 ladies. Facial expressions can speak 1000 words; that is true in this case.

It’s obvious by the start of round 4 that both ladies are marked & weary.

I noticed that one of these ladies lets out a sinister laugh after the action returns swiftly to the mats. Nipple tweaks are exchanged; The Boss is still struggling to get to grips with her opponent’s technique. Both ladies show off their curves, and there is a nice close-up shot of one of the ladies thong! There are some excellent moves that The Boss initiates in order to get out of holds, but equally, there some excellent countermeasures!

Round 5 is a much shorter affair, as the winning lady uses her legs to tie up her opponent who can do nothing but squirm before reluctantly having to submit - tap out!

I don’t like to second-guess fans but, I’m guessing this is one blonde vs brunette catfight you will not want to miss!

Monday, 21 May 2018

The Catz Review - Eve to fight The Boss?


Eve is new to The Catz Review but is no stranger to physical combat. The new lady is only 5’2” tall, and, a dress size 6! In UK terms that makes her a very small lady. But as history has shown throughout the years that small ladies make the best fighters - Pandora being a recent example, and Miss Dynamite being the ultimate example!


Eve intends to take on The Boss in a topless catfight. The Boss is 5’4” tall and a dress size 8. I’m just hoping that the young lady knows what she’s going and will prove to be mentally tough enough to stick around. After all, catfighting is not just about physical strength; it’s also about mental strength - the will to win, not giving up when all seems lost etc.

The Boss


Alice is threatening to make a comeback and fight one of the other Catz Review ladies.

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Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Montse vs The Boss - Intense hair pulling catfight


Montse being a genuine Spanish lady meant that we had to use modern technology to translate the fight rules to this feisty lady. This is something I always do it again even on the day. With that done, we got going with both ladies disposing of their tops & stepping into the middle of the mats where they pause momentary to give each other a good stare.

The Preview -

In the vast majority of our catfights there is a lot of hair pulling, this one is no exception! Both ladies go straight for each other’s ponytail after a brief exchange of slaps, before going down onto the mats where both ladies slap hard and keep a firm “grasp” of each other’s ponytails. What with the occasional nipple tweak thrown in, this is the overriding theme throughout the 1st round.

Round 2 starts off with The Boss reminding me to keep an eye on the time! The cheek of The Boss! Back to the action, and it’s fair to say that both ladies start off incredibly aggressively in this round. There is no quarter asked and no quarter given as both ladies go straight for each other’s hair while tumbling back down onto the mat. The Boss is being forced fight a rear-guard action as Montse is continually pushing forward. Both ladies managed to get in nipple tweaks in this intense round. At the end, both ladies stockings are severely laddered.

Montse is in such an aggressive mood at the start of the 3rd round that she can be clearly seen snarling at The Boss! The action very quickly goes back down onto the mat. At this point both ladies are feeling the pace, but the more determined lady turns to screw and quickly takes advantage of her tiring opponent!

Clips4sale studio -

With the fight ended and both ladies feeling extremely hot and exhausted, we quite naturally keep on filming as The Boss & Montse strips down to their thongs and lean out the window for some fresh air! 

This is 3 rounds of growing catfight action! Lovers of intense hair pulling fights will enjoy this particular catfight!