Thursday, 15 June 2017

Kitty vs Pandora - Nasty Bitch Fight!


As a sponsored catfight Kitty vs Pandora starts off slightly differently from our usual catfights. 1st they have to pose side-by-side and then turn and face one another. If looks could kill…….. Facial expressions can speak more than 1000 words. 

With both ladies going into this catfight determined that they will win, it is obvious that one of these beautiful, feisty ladies is going to be disappointed, if not a little upset!

In just the 1st round we have hair pulling, an accidental split lip, vicious slap marks and nipple tweaks! 

In round 2 we have both ladies trying to go for the kill with a submission move and both ladies managing to avoid that embarrassment. The atmosphere is very tense in between rounds.

Impact Shot!

Tit grab

Kitty getting picked up!

The Catz Review only produces real catfights

In round 3, all hell breaks loose and both ladies lose their temper as they both desperately try to extract a submission out of their opponent! Both ladies use hair pulling, nipple tweaks and slapping at the start of the round, but not long after, one of these incredibly sexy/feisty ladies gains the upper hand. With her opponent desperately squirming underneath her, the dominant lady continues to demand that her opponent submit! What follows is sheer defiance that produces the longest submission attempt out of an opponent we’ve seen in a very, very long time! 

The winning lady sits on her opponent’s face and poses for the camera for a few seconds, before returning to her corner. The beaten lady just lies on the mat in sheer exhaustion & shock as she struggles to realise that she has been well and truly beaten!


“This has to be in the conversation of one of the top real catfights ever filmed.  Catzreview has been producing on a different level recently.  Really quality work done by the producer and the athletes.  Honestly, this fight is a must-have for anyone who considers themselves a catfight fan.  I'm extremely happy I sponsored.”

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Friday, 9 June 2017

Sponsored bitch fight!



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Those of you who have seen the behind-the-scenes footage will have a very good sense of the genuinely tense atmosphere leading up to this very important catfight. It’s important because these ladies, Kitty, Pandora want to be our lightweight champion. So everyone in that category which obviously includes The Boss is trying to make an impression with you fans. 

Regulars know that The Catz Review specialise in producing topless/nude submission catfights. In this catfight we can guarantee you a genuine big fight atmosphere, bitchiness, determination, sweat & sheer bloody mindedness!


Obviously sponsors will get access to their copy of the catfight first. It will be in HD and they will also have the ability to view the catfight on our video website in 4K. Sponsors will also have access to Jessica vs Skyler & at least one other top catfight.

With genuine animosity between the 2 ladies, you could say that this is a sponsored bitch fight!

If you’re a fan of the rematch between The Boss & Pandora, please remember that we still have pics to edit.

Monday, 15 May 2017

The Catz Review - Topless/nude Sponsored Catfight!


Not a lot is known about Kitty and as you can see, I only have a few pics. But, having met Kitty, what I can tell you is that Kitty is a natural bitch. She can take punishment as well is give it out and is not frightened of the naughty stuff such as wedges which can ultimately lead to nudity. In fact I wouldn’t at all be surprised if the ladies lose their thongs not long into this sponsored catfight! 
                        Proposed fight date - early June!

Kitty during her interview - 

This will be the 3nd time that The Catz Review will have produced a topless sponsored catfight. Let’s be clear, your $20 donation is simply going to bump up the ladies wages. After all, I cannot ask them to get down and dirty (tactics) for a few measly $100You can also expect to have access to view other 4K catfights including Cindy vs Skyler & Amethyst vs Jessica, and another top catfight (yet to be decided).


What can I expect from my $20? Well, if you are lucky enough to sponsor the rematch between The Boss & Pandora then you will already know. If you weren’t quite so lucky then this is your opportunity to discover & get access to behind-the-scenes footage, and to see your version of the fight before anyone else in either 720, HD, or even 4K. So if you wish to sponsor what should be an epic catfight then please click on the PayPal link below. If you’re having problems then check out the link on our UK Catfighting Twitter page. 

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Lets see how you like it!