Friday, 3 July 2020

Melody vs Velvette - Sponsored Fight


If this takes place in the next few weeks then it will be an all-out body punching, hair pulling, kicking, tit squeezing, and thong ripping fight!


Melody may be new to the world of real catfighting, but she is no stranger to physical combat and is hoping to demonstrate to the world that she is the new bitch on the block, by hopefully beating and humiliating Velvette!


Velvette is hoping to dominate and use her sexy body to try and knock out the other new lady in equally humiliating style, and of course make herself a household name!

Why should I sponsor?  I cannot afford to pay the ladies or the money they require to compensate them for any injuries such as bruises etc which may make it hard for them to get work for a good few days.

What will I get?  1st and foremost, the knowledge that you helped finance 1 of the best catfight of 2020!  And of course you can have the images of this battle once they have been edited.  I will hold back images that give away the eventual winner for the moment.

You will also get the entire unabridged version of this catfight from our video website - You just need to remember to let me know what your email address is as well as your own personal password.

How much will it cost?  $30 per sponsor!

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Sunday, 8 December 2019

BEST Catfight of 2019


Roxy and Lola fighting it out in this real 50-50 catfight which swings one way and then back the other!  It is already considered to be the best catfight 2019!  Brutal yet sexy, vicious yet erotic, intense yet slightly crazy!

More pictures for you fans -

Plenty of mat action

Lola in trouble!

Hands off my tits!

Roxy in real trouble!

Now Lola is in serious trouble!

True warriors battle the storm and come out the other side

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Sunday, 1 December 2019

Catfighting UK Ladies - Roxy vs Lola



When Catfighting UK Ladies go to war you end up with the most brutal & sexy catfight ever!  Everyone knows how The Catz Review usually starts their fights?  Well this time we do things slightly differently.  Both ladies approach one another on the mats and give each other a good stare before stepping back and taking off their dresses.  Lola is nude apart from a pair of hold-up stockings; Roxy has nothing but a sexy red thong on her person.

A very promising preview…..😍

If you’re expecting it to start off with slap’s, then you will be slightly disappointed because both ladies attack each other with body jabs!  When they do go down onto the mats, Roxy’s sexy little thong is literally torn off of her super fit body, leaving both ladies completely naked!  Obviously there is a price for Lola removing her opponent’s thong, and that’s the fact that she cannot stop Roxy from squeezing the life out of her tits!  Back to body jabs before once again going down onto the mats.  Lola quickly discovers the delights pulling Roxy’s hair!  Roxy manages to get a few well-placed knees into the buttocks in retaliation just before the end of the round.

The 2nd round starts with both ladies dishing out body jabs.  Lola showing Roxy that she too knows how to punch.  No smiles in this round just naked aggression, until of course I encourage both ladies to go for their hair….  Lola brings Roxy down by her hair, only to be met by body jabs to the left and right of her upper body.  They break and they are back temporarily to exchanging body jabs….. At times it does resemble a naked kick boxing contest!  Don’t worry they don’t take long to get back down onto the mats, and when it does its all brutal action; hair pulling, body jabs, breast squeezing!

From here on in its, all-out war….  Both ladies are naked and now both sweaty. 

After another short kick boxing display the action goes once again down onto the mats where once again we have hair pulling and breast grabbing and body jabs with real viciousness as both ladies are tiring.  1 of the ladies demands that her opponent submits….  She readjusts her position and demands that she should submit!  Both ladies can be seen spitting hair out of their mouths….. This is a real battle of wills..... One lady uses hair pulling with great success and the other using body jabs to try and swing the fight her way.  From now on this really is a war of attrition which swings one way and I’m back the other as just when you think one lady has her opponent trapped, she does a backflip and escapes!

My favourite move - head scissors while at the same time squeezing opponent’s tits is simply a fantastic piece of action that has to be seen to be believed!

Make-up is running, opponents hair is stuck on both ladies bodies….. We continue to see sheer exhaustion, and breast squeezing, and yes, hair pulling.  The roundest temporarily stop as it becomes obvious that 1 of the ladies is being accidentally choked.  A short break and we are back with a fourth-round!  Yes both ladies are still very keen to win this fight; and it doesn’t take long for both ladies to end up back on the mats….. At this stage one lady starts to dominate more than the other….  But it could still go either way - the skill by both ladies to counter and to get out of finishing moves is exceptional, but like all good epic catfights, it has to come to an end, and yes, we do have a decisive winner!

One lady tries to smother the life out of the other…… Does she succeed?  Like a pendulum, these last few attempted submissions swing one way and then back the other, and then back again!

I did not know who is going to win until about the last minute!

Two fearsome ladies, one fight, one winner, you!

Saturday, 23 November 2019



You need strength and stamina as well as the ability to dish out and to absorb pain in order to make an exceptional fighter; Roxy is supremely confident in her ability to take on and beat just about anyone in the catfighting world.  Roxy is very ambitious, and would love the opportunity to fight for the lightweight title sometime in the not too distant future.

Lola already has strength and stamina.  After the criticism she received for her fight against Bianca, Lola is determined to prove her critics wrong; to prove that she can mix it up with the best of them and show people that she would make a worthy lightweight champion!

Needless to say, a video preview will be available upon release.

Here some more pics from the Roxy vs Bianca topless/nude catfight for you fans to check out –