Saturday, 22 April 2017

Catfighting UK - Sponsors & Catfight Fans


Probably 1st of May will hopefully be the release date for The Boss vs Pandora - The Rematch. Obviously sponsors will get to see the catfight 48 hours before everyone else. Sponsors have already seen some behind-the-scenes footage. This blog update is to show you fans that this much anticipated rematch did actually take place, and that it was a very sexy (not to mention brutal) affair because of the generosity of the sponsors. 

I will create a preview for fans who are interested in purchasing this catfight which features 2 of The Catz Reviews most popular & beautiful ladies! Meanwhile please check out some pics of the carnage which were taken on the day.

When you’re pulling hair very hard there is the possibility of hurting your own wrist!

The Boss

Ready? Coming May!

I think once you fans have seen the preview you will hopefully want to be a sponsor in future fights and become, a gentleman who prefers the finer things in life!

I would urge the sponsors to remember their login details. 

The ladies giving their pre-fight interviews -

As regards to the warm up catfight between these 2 feisty young ladies, there are still many pics for me to edit & put on our blog.

Please check out new lady, Kitty – 

Wednesday, 5 April 2017

Nipple tweak catfight mayhem!


The warm up catfight between The Boss & Pandora is a very sexy affair. Pandora naturally struggles to get back into the swing of things after being out for more than a year. To make things worse for Pandora, The Boss accidentally discovers that Pandora does not like nipple tweaks. Needless to say that at every opportunity, The Boss grabs her opponent’s tits when she can! 

Check out the fight pics –

Intense stare!


Get off my tits!

Round 2

The Boss vs Pandora - The rematch - For gentlemen who prefer the finer things in life!

For you gentlemen who prefer the finer things in life, it’s not too late to sponsor the rematch between The Boss vs Pandora.  Just follow the instructions below -

What can you expect from this catfight? Sponsors can expect behind-the-scenes footage & the preview in 4k. If you live in the UK you may even be able to attend. You can also expect to have access to view other 4K catfights including The Boss vs Pandora & Amethyst vs Jessica.

$20 + Remember to leave an email address & password in the comments section

Monday, 27 March 2017

Sponsor - The Boss vs Pandora

Coming April - The appetiser - The Boss vs Pandora!

Coming this April, before the sponsored catfight we have a teaser; yes a catfight took place a couple of weeks back so that I could assess whether these 2 ladies could deliver the ultimate sponsored catfight! I would class this as a warm up to the main event on the 16th of April. This catfight was particularly important to Pandora as she has not fought since 2015! 

So in early April you lucky fans will get to assess these 2 incredibly beautiful and feisty ladies, and of course make the decision as to whether you wish to sponsor. Which one would you put your money on? Well Pandora struggled to get back into the groove? Will The Boss struggle to deal with the speed of Pandora? 

The Boss vs Pandora - For gentlemen who prefer the finer things in life 

It took a long time for me to persuade these 2 sexy/feisty ladies to fight each other. Both of them have legitimate complaints about opponent being much bigger than they are. So my thinking was to bring 2 of my smallest ladies together and hopefully create a small title catfight.

The plan is for both ladies to fight one another at least twice. If one lady should win both fights then she will be the holder of the small ladies title. If both should win a fight then I think a 3rd decisive catfight should take place. A 3rd catfight would definitely decide who would make a worthy champion.

However, these are real catfights, and therefore we cannot guarantee that one lady may decide she is not up to the task…….. Fingers crossed that she is more than up to the task!!

If you are to sponsor the next catfight then you can be assured that all the money ($20) would go to the ladies.

Sponsorship would mean a lot to the ladies who are not active on social media and do not get to see your appreciative comments. The likes of The Boss & Pandora need to know that you fans really do love them and support their quest to be the best (and the 1st) lightweight champion we’ve ever had!

What can you expect from this catfight? Sponsors can expect behind-the-scenes footage & the preview in 4k. If you live in the UK you may even be able to attend. You can also expect to have access to view other 4K catfights including Cindy vs Skyler & Amethyst vs Jessica.

Sponsor now by hitting the Donate Button below -

When wanting to become a sponsor or you will merely have to do access our Catfighting UK blog and click on the Pay Now Button.

Click on the PayPal button and login to your PayPal account. Where it says: “Add special instructions to the seller:” please enter your email address and a password. Any password that is unique to you and is not related to other accounts.

Once I have your email address and password I can add them to my video website –

You can expect to get access to your copy of the fight before anyone else in 4K via our video website. These ladies are fighting for you, so you can expect them to mention you personally in their pre-fight interview (this is optional). 


Monday, 6 March 2017

Nasty Catfight

Nasty Catfight - Mercy vs Skyler - Released & available to purchase

Mercy has done 6 previous catfights. She knows what’s involved in a Catz Review catfight. Unfortunately the young lady has decided to take a different path in her catfighting career, but did not see fit to tell me or her opponent about what she had planned. What transpires during this attempted topless/nude submission catfight is inexcusable. Unfortunately one of the ladies had to be sacked for breaking the rules. 

The catfight is extremely short (around 3 minutes) but the verbal continues long after the end of what should have been a showpiece catfight. If you wish to purchase just this catfight, then please do. The one that contains the argument is quite long but had to be blacked out in order to protect the identity of one of my assistants.

What actually takes place is way too real for me, so I would suggest if you do not like real confrontation then please do not purchase. 

Cutting in half

This episode only goes to highlight the risk that produces face every time they attempt to produce a sensational catfight for you dedicated fans.