Wednesday, 6 February 2019

Porn Star Catfight


Porn Star catfight preview -

We are kept waiting while April finishes her stretches. Once the blonde has finished limbering up she proceeds to remove her dress, as does Lola. Both ladies meet in the middle of the mats, and after giving each other a stare, start the fight. Both ladies almost immediately end up on the mats. Someone gets their backside smacked; both ladies get quickly to their feet and start circling one another before they engage again and go down onto the mats. Bad language fills the air - hair pulling is introduced in anger. Banter gets more & more personal; tits get squeezed and wedgies are introduced! All this in just round 1! 😎

Obviously both ladies are new to fighting - the slapping in the 1st round is a little tame by Catz Review standards.

April is out 1st for the 2nd round, and uses her legs sweep move to take Lola down onto the mats. Hard wedges and an all-round more aggressive approach from both ladies makes one of them grimace more than the other. A quick interlude is brought about by a piece of equipment crashing to the ground. Both ladies stop momentarily so we instantly restart from a standing position. Once again April is the 1st to get across the ring and deliver an extremely painful wedgie, to her opponent, who, after a grimace, reciprocates the move. It’s in this particular round that one of these ladies takes control and starts to wear down her opponent. 💪

The 3rd round starts with one of the ladies looking more dishevelled and frustrated than her opponent. They circle one another. And again, April delivers another swift leg sweep which leaves her opponent on the ground. A headlock is promptly applied & legs wrapped around one of these struggling beauties who cannot stop her beautiful boobs from flapping around. 😍

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This is all very serious now as both ladies are going for the submission. At one point it is difficult to tell who has who, simply because they seem to both have a firm hold of each other! The sheer anger and determination comes through in the face of one of the ladies who take total control of this final round. Hair is pulled; wedges are administered in an attempt to break free and of course a dose of taunting adds to the drama. The final few minutes is extremely painful for the losing lady who simply cannot get out of the clutches of her opponent. All she can do is squirm in an attempt to somehow break free!

Looks painful

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Monday, 28 January 2019

bad girl porn star catfight!


Girls behaving badly; this February April Paisley intends to take on Lola Marie in a topless/nude catfight. Neither lady has had much practical experience at fighting. But both ladies are determined that they will show their fans & the world, that they know how to be very physical in more than just the “porn sense” of the word! Let’s see if these 2 ladies can go at it Catz Review style!



Let’s hope it turns into, a bad girl porn star catfight!

This would be a blonde vs brunette/interracial catfight.

It’s a pity we can’t fit them all here on our blog.

Available in 4K

Monday, 7 January 2019

Traditional Catz Review Catfight


Super Vixen vs The Boss is more traditional Catz Review catfight with the emphasis being more on hair pulling. However, both ladies take it in turns to deliver painful nipple tweaks.

The Boss: hold up stockings & black & red thong.

Super Vixen: hold up stockings & black see-through thong.

After both ladies have stripped off and given instructions to meet in the middle, they both give each other the evil eye. When they eventually start fighting, both ladies cautiously start off by slapping their opponent and testing out their defenses.

It doesn’t take long for them both to end up on the mats where they both struggle for control. Nice hair pulling, and of course both ladies give each other a nipple tweak. Super Vixen demonstrates her strength by momentarily picking up The Boss. This doesn’t quite work so both ladies resort to stinging slaps and of course hair pulling, not to mention the painful nipple tweaks!

There is a bit of behind-the-scenes footage at the beginning of round 2

Both ladies spin round several times before once again, going down onto the mats. The lady at the bottom tries nipple tweaks to get out from her precarious position; this tactic just sparks retaliation! We returned back to hair pulling and stinging slaps throughout the rest of this round. Both ladies are very quiet as they concentrate hard on how to get the better of their opponent. There is a nice piece of action where both ladies end up quite close to the wall and sort of swivel round while both holding each other’s hair!

Both ladies are heavily marked and tired after only the 2nd round. This is probably because of the pace and intensity of this catfight. Both take on water and have a bit of a rest.

The 3rd round starts off with both ladies slapping and trying to manoeuvre their opponent into a position where they can take them down onto the mats. One of the ladies gets stuck under her opponent’s legs and cannot stop the rain of open hand slaps from finding their mark. Taking all this punishment forces the trapped lady to submit! The winning lady hast to almost climb over the loser in order to get back onto her feet. 

A 4K version should be available in the next few days!

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Super catfight?


We kick off 2019 with a rejuvenated Super Vixen taking on The Boss in a topless submission catfight.

Both ladies have been training hard to get into shape ready for their catfight. The Boss looks in good shape and sounds very confident as per usual. Super Vixen sounds super confident that she will kick off the New Year by kicking The Boss into touch! 

The Boss

Super Vixen

Yes we will have a video preview available upon release 😎

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