Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Top UK Catfights

Pandora returns? 

Sexy catfighter Pandora is considering returning to the world of catfighting. For those of you have forgotten, catfighting is where 2 very brave ladies take on each other in a test of strength/fighting skill & stamina. Woman’s vs Woman is what we do best here at The Catz Review. 

The physical version -

The young busty brunette is determined to get back into shape after a year out, and take on other top ladies who are around her size and weight. Obviously The Boss springs to mind. As such an encounter between The Boss & Pandora would be a major event, I fear some form of sponsorship would be required as I would struggle to pay the ladies wages and make enough money to keep me going. After all, I think both ladies could fight for the lightweight title which could add real meaning to such a fight if both ladies were to, get it on! All this is to be discussed and decided in the fullness of time. As you can see from the video, Pandora is still trying to catch up with The Boss and get back into shape (in the physical, working out, sense of the word).

Another good catfight would be a 3rd rematch with the much improved Skyler. Let’s hope that the ladies are up to the challenge and that 2017 proves to be the year that The Catz Review puts the Cat back into catfighting!

As you can see I have nearly finished sorting out the fight pics of the rematch between The Boss & Skyler. If you love this fight than I would highly recommend that you view their 1st fight. Please check out this page for more information on the original catfight between The Boss & Skyler by clicking on this link.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

fight for revenge - The Catz Review


The Boss vs Skyler - the rematch: is another topless submission catfight between these 2 very beautiful & sexy ladies. This catfight is intended to settle matters once and for all. Often a rematch can result in a 3rd fight if matters are not settled in a satisfactory way.

Please check out the fight preview –

As you can see, The Boss is in the mood to get on with things, whereas, Skyler looks very calm as she confidently predicts another victory for her.

The fight starts the way the 1st one did.  Both ladies stand on the edge of the mats before obeying my instructions to meet in the middle & then fight.

They both circle one another and pick their spot as they slap each other in an attempt to create an opening. When the opening is created hair is grabbed and both ladies fall to the mat. The Boss takes control of the fight and demonstrates her legs skills. Skyler desperately scrambles to get into the fight. Nipples get tweaked with spare hands while both ladies hold onto each other’s hair like their life’s depended on it. At the end of the round both ladies crawl back to their corner.


Round 2 starts off very similar to the 1st. Only this time the lady who goes down first finds herself fighting to avoid and early submission! This stricken lady tries everything to avoid the inevitable. Nipple tweaks are deployed in an attempt to distract her opponent in a vain attempt to enable her to get out of the pickle she finds herself in. Finally the lady on top pins both her opponent’s arms down and this makes the end a formality.

Fantastic all-round mat action by both ladies! 

Interested in the 1st fight?

Ladies, if you think that this is for you then please feel free to contact me via Facebook. You will find a link to our Facebook at the bottom right hand side of our blog. Or simply search the address at the end of the video.

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Catfight Coming Soon?

Catfight - The Boss vs Skyler - 

Both ladies have agreed to fight!

It looks like you catfight fans have voted overwhelmingly in favour of a rematch between The Boss & Skyler. This will be a topless submission catfight which will take place within the next month. Both ladies are in the process of agreeing dates etc. Both ladies are adamant that they will win, so hopefully we will have another top catfight coming soon!

The first catfight between these 2 feisty ladies was very, very popular amongst catfight connoisseurs. I think the general consensus was that the non-stop action was very exciting. You can of course check out the 1st fight between The Boss & Skyler on our clips4sale website, or click on this link.

In this promotional video The Boss also talks about her most memorable catfights, again, the 3 fights that she refers to can be found on our clips4sale website. If you haven’t already then I would advise that you check out her catfights with Jess as they are still as popular now as they were when they were first released in 2012!


A blast from the not too distant past - Jess vs The Boss!

For those of you who like ladies with a fuller figure, please check out the very beautiful Millie Mayhem - pics below – 

As we go by height & weight Millie would be someone for Scarlett or Rebel…..

Tuesday, 3 January 2017

One Sided Beat Down


Ivy is fresh from watching Jess vs Jessica “live” & some of our more brutal catfights on video. Given her background I expected this incredibly sexy young lady to be a natural at catfighting. Excellent when standing up, Ivy simply had no answer to The Boss when she was taken down onto the mats! Nevertheless, Ivy proved to be stubborn & continued to fight on for 3 rounds.

The Catz Review is well known for only having 1 submission catfights. This one sided beat down featuring Ivy & The Boss has 3 submissions in it. This was a one-off in order to try to help Ivy get into the action.

The Boss seized this opportunity to get a win and get in some practice ready for a possible rematch with Skyler. Those of you who have watched and enjoyed the 1st fight between The Boss & Skyler will undoubtedly be looking forward to the rematch.

We would like to thank Ivy for her efforts & hope that she will get in some practice and hopefully makes a comeback. Watching is easy, but actually participating is very tough!

Please do not purchase unless you enjoy one sided beat downs!

Millie Mayhem


Saturday, 3 December 2016

Dazed & beaten catfight

Topless/nude – Catfight - Jess vs Jessica - Released and Available to Purchase!

Blonde vs brunette: this is a catfight in which we witness 2 new ladies take each other on in a topless submission catfight. Not long into the fight Jess loses her thong & has to carry on fighting, nude. However, Jess quickly has an opportunity to reciprocate - the action continues with both ladies fighting naked. Both take it in turns to ride the other as they jostle for an advantage. After having her tits worked over, Jess finishes the 1st round in a dominant position: with Jessica trapped, thrashing about, naked. 

Best preview is probably on our clips4sale website

The 2nd round starts with blonde vs brunette staring at each other intensely. Again the blonde gets caught by the brunette and is taken down onto the mat where both ladies have their moments. A nice move in this round is when Jessica grabs her opponent by the hair and pulled her from one end of the mat to the other. As per usual in a 50-50 catfight, it’s a silly mistake that gives the eventual winner the opportunity to strike. But before this happens there is a moment where both ladies exchange verbal abuse. 

The submission comes when one lady’s head ends up trapped between the others legs - she is held firmly in place by her own hair with no option but to tap out! When the victor let’s go, she pushes her opponent away, like some discarded rubbish. Standing up, the victor cannot resist a 2 fingered salute as she looks down on her dazed and beaten opponent!