Tuesday, 8 April 2014



Crystal and Victoria are 2 new sexy catfighters who will be in action for the Catz Review in the not too distant future. Neither young lady has ever had a proper catfight in their life, but both are determined to show fans that they are more than worthy of competing with the best. Check out our Yahoo group or our Twitter (UK Catfighting) for more information and pics.

                                                                         New Catfighter – Crystal -

                                              A Sneak Fight Preview –
                                 Una lucha Sneak Preview –
                              Ein Kriecher Kampf-Preview –

Sexy sultry brunette Sian will be in action for the 1st time against Jinx in the not too distant future. Sian is from an extremely physical background so fans must not discount the brunette just because she is new to the world of catfighting. Dedicated catfight fans will know that a natural new catfighter is capable of beating experienced ladies.

Female vs Female in topless submission catfights is what we are all about and is what our fans demand, and is what we consistently deliver.

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Topless Submission Catfights

                                      CATFIGHTINGUK & CATZ REVIEW

                                         Presentación en topless peleas

                                         Oben ohne Vorlage Catfights

Well the middleweight title was up for grabs in our latest catfight between Kat & Killer Sex (113). Is Killer Sex still the middleweight champion? Or has Kat extracted the title from her opponent using her killer pussy move? These are just some of the questions that can only be answered by purchasing the best UK catfighting clips available for download at – http://www.clips4sale.com/store/24753

Nun war der Titel in unsere neuesten Catfight zwischen Kat & Killer Sex (113) zu gewinnen. Ist Killer Sex immer noch das Mittelgewicht? Oder hat Kat extrahiert den Titel von ihren Gegner mit ihrem killer Pussy-Wechsel? Dies sind nur einige der Fragen, die nur beantwortet werden können, durch den Kauf der besten UK Catfighting Clips zum Download zur Verfügung:

よくミドル級タイトル私たち最新キャットファイト キャット & キラー セックス (113) 間で巡っていた。キラー セックスはまだミドル級のチャンピオンですか?または、Kat は彼女のキラー猫の動きを使用して相手からタイトルを抽出ですか?これらはのみ、最高の英国キャットファイト クリップ-ダウンロード可能の購入によって答えられる質問のいくつか

                                      Kat vs Killer Sex - The Title (113)


                                                      New catfighter – Sian

The 1st of several new sexy fighters to grace The Catz Review over the coming months is the tall new sex siren that is Sian. She is a powerful young lady who will hopefully be taking on Jinx and Kat over the coming months. Certainly not shy and from a physical background Sian is someone who could conceivably steal the middleweight title from under the noses of our other catfighters!?

The Catz Cauldron (our ring) has been replaced through popular demand with a catfight arena. Out in the open space the ladies have nowhere to hide in the new catfightinguk Catz Cauldron Arena!

Catz-Kessel (unsere Ring) wurde durch populäre Nachfrage mit einem Catfight-Arena ersetzt. Haben in den offenen Raum die Damen nirgendwo in der neuen Catfightinguk Catz Kessel Arena zu verstecken!

Catz 大釜 (私たちのリング) 置き換えられています人気の需要のいがみ合いアリーナ。うちオープン スペースで、女性があるどこにも新しい catfightinguk キャッツ大釜アリーナで非表示に

El caldero Catz (nuestro anillo) ha sido reemplazado por demanda popular con una arena de pelea. En el espacio abierto las damas tendrán donde esconderse en la nueva catfightinguk Catz caldero Arena!

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Catfighting in the UK - Topless & Nude Catfights

The middleweight division has never been so blessed with such fantastic, beautiful female fighters as it is today here at the Catz Review & Catfighting UK (the home of real rules catfighting). We are blessed with household names such as, Jinx, Kat, and of course the reigning champion, Killer Sex. All these beautiful ladies only ever turn up at our catfights expecting to win. Speaking of which, Killer Sex makes her first title defence this March. The challenger will probably be Kat as she is the only catfighter to have beaten Killer Sex (albeit at the beginning of her career) and has recently had success against Jinx. If/when it happens it would definitely be a clash fans will not want to miss!

                                                            Killer Sex vs Jinx -

                                              Purple Flame & G – Star

We don't often do ability catfights (testing new ladies ability to fight) without me going through an extensive interview as to their fighting capabilities. In this case, Purple Flame was in the right place and possibly the right time to show me, and you fans, whether she has what it takes to become a massive hit here at the Catz Review. Whether the sexy young brunette has been successful, only time will tell!

Please check out on twitter – https://twitter.com/UKCatfighting

Monday, 20 January 2014

Catfight - New Release - Jinx vs Killer Sex...!


Part 1 of this enthralling catfight has produced 50 pics of the action between Jinx and Killer Sex that took place before the main event. I think these pics do a very good job of conveying the tension in the first few minutes of the fight. As good as they are, and as hot as the action is, ultimately this is just a taster that took place before the main event.

                                    CATFIGHT - PART 1 – 50 pics!

                                    CATFIGHT - JINX VS asesino sexo – parte 1 – 50 fotos!

                                    CATFIGHT - JINX VS KILLER SEX – Teil 1 – 50 Bilder!

                                   Now for the main Catz Review event …112

                                   Ahora para el evento principal de revisión Catz...

                                   Jetzt für das Hauptturnier Catz Review...

With tensions still running high after the spat only a few minutes earlier, both ladies meet in the middle of the ring and on my command, started fighting like to female gladiators who simply cannot afford to lose this incredibly important catfight. With high tension, real drama, this enthralling catfight leaves the viewer glued to his computer/TV screen, for this action is real within the rules and therefore probably unlike anything else the viewer has seen before. The Catz Review is the only producer of such spectacular productions.

                                                 Watch, but only if you dare…….
                                                 Vigilar, pero sólo si te atreves...
                                                 Sehen Sie, aber nur, wenn du dich traust...

Thursday, 26 December 2013

Catfighting UK /Topless & Nude Catfights

                                        Catfighting UK /Topless & Nude Catfights

I think you can describe the 2nd encounter between Jinx & Kat (111) as an extremely competitive affair with a torch of vindictiveness. They can muster a fake smile before the proceedings, but when they are told to "fight" I think it's fair to say that neither lady holds back. Let's put it another way, in a sense winning is not important, winning is everything.  There is no 2nd place only a winner and a loser, and all my ladies like to be winners and none of them enjoy being a loser. I suppose that's why we have such fantastic catfights here at the Catz review. Kat & Jinx still have unfinished business, as does Jinx & Killer Sex. These scenarios only make the prospects of a spectacular fireworks display in January more likely. Who will it be first….. Jinx vs Kat, or Jinx vs Killer Sex.  There is the possibility that all three ladies could be upstaged by G - Star!
                                                                        JINX VS...??

What an encounter between Jinx & Killer Sex. Those two ladies only know one way to fight and that is all-out attack. Back and forth and then the submission was a true knockout. The losing lady was so lucky that the winner did not take full advantage of her stricken opponent to the full extent of the rules!   I just know that there must surely be a rematch between these two sexy ladies. The Catz Review will hopefully not leave things the way they are, as the losing lady is clearly not happy!                

                                                                JINX VS KILLER SEX


It was truly an epic battle which I'm sure will go down in history as one (if not the best) catfights of 2013!

Es war wirklich eine epische Schlacht, die sicherlich in die Geschichte als eine (wenn nicht das beste) Catfights 2013 eingehen wird!

Realmente fue una batalla épica que estoy seguro de que pasará a peleas de la historia como uno (si no el mejor) de 2013!


Monday, 25 November 2013

Catfighting UK – Real Rules Catfighting


What an awesome catfight between Jinx & Killer Sex (110) fans have enjoyed this month! The super sexy Spanish lady, Killer Sex is officially the UK's middleweight champion, but for how long? Both Kat & Jinx have scores to settle, so it is very likely that these two incredibly sexy/feisty ladies will be tearing into one another very soon in an attempt to prove that they should be fighting Killer Sex for the middleweight title. What will happen, and more importantly, who will win this three-way tussle?

                                           Jinx & Killer Sex fighting it out - (110)

                  Coming Soon to Catfighting UK - Jinx vs Kat - The Rematch!

Who knows what will happen between Jinx & Kat. There is likely to be nipple tweaks and hair pulling and all sorts of naughty stuff going on between these two tough competitors. It's another Catz Review production so naturally it will be a catfight to savour. Don't you just love a topless submission catfight? Check out our twitter and Yahoo account for more info on what's happening and when!

Friday, 8 November 2013

Buy Catfights


Well fans the big catfight for the middleweight title is now available to purchase from our clips4sale website. It's a catfight that has nearly everything; breast squeezing, nipple tweaks, hair pulling, hard slapping, and of course, a decisive winner!

Los aficionados bien la gran pelea por el título mediano está ahora disponible para comprar en nuestro sitio web clips4sale. Es una pelea que lo tiene casi todo; pecho apretando, ajustes de pezón, arrancamiento del cabello, golpear duro y por supuesto, un ganador decisivo!

These are just some of the pics from this terrific catfight!

This video is a snippet from last month's terrific catfight action - Enjoy!

Catz Review Catfight by catz_review