Thursday, 2 July 2015

Skyler vs Pandora: the rematch - Released and available to purchase!

                   Skyler’s revenge…..??

Even I’m not sure what the ladies put in their breakfast nowadays in order to make them so attack minded and aggressive compared to years gone by. This catfight starts off with both ladies taking it in turns to disrobe and reveal their assets to the world. When told to meet in the middle, Skyler struts over wearing nothing but a sexy little white thong & some hold-up stockings,  as per usual, Pandora ops for stockings and suspenders with a little red thong.

The Catz Review - Skyler vs Pandora Catfight Rematch Teaser –

Skyler starts this fight like a young woman who is desperate for revenge. She beats Pandora to the punch & takes the busty brunette down onto the mat by her hair. Like a pendulum, the 1st round swings backwards and forwards. You can expect hair pulling, hard slaps, nipple tweaks and possibly 1 or 2 other naughty moves. Does Skyler get her revenge……? Purchase here to find out –

                                              Catfight Update: Pandora vs Killer Sex

So far we have over 200 pics of this epic topless submission catfight on our Yahoo group.
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Wednesday, 24 June 2015

2 mean bitches - part 2

           Coming July – Skyler vs Pandora: The Rematch!

The 1st encounter between Skyler & Pandora was an extremely brutal & a slightly one-sided affair. This rematch promises to be a lot more even simply because Skyler is now a far more experienced fighter. The redhead/brunette is determined to make her mark in the world of catfighting. And here at, The Catz Review, Skyler has been preparing for the mother of all battles! Please do not ask if 1 or both ladies will end up nude as I couldn’t possibly comment.



This is a training catfight. Skyler participated in this catfight to help us sort out our issues with the lighting here in the Catfighting UK gym. The lady she is fighting (practicing with) is called Morgan. 

When the video preview of the topless submission catfight between Skyler & Pandora is available you will find it here –

I think you’ll agree that both ladies look absolutely gorgeous in their skimpy little outfits and that the rematch between these 2 gorgeous ladies should be an absolute thriller!

New fighter REBEL will be in action sometime this summer/autumn. She is new and untested at this level but I have no hesitation in putting her against the likes of G - Star, Skyler or even Pandora.