Saturday, 30 April 2016

One Sided Title Catfight

We at The Catz Review only produce real catfights with no retakes. This means that we have to get things right the 1st time otherwise I do not get a 2nd chance. This catfight between Rebel & Killer Sex is a demonstration of one woman’s total dominance over the other; it wasn’t meant to be this way, and I’m not denying that many fans will enjoy watching one lady squirm in humiliation at the hands of the other lady. But ultimately, my aim is always a 50-50 catfight. Unfortunately what we have here is a very short one sided fight. On the plus side you can see very clearly the dominant lady taking liberties with her opponent’s tits as well as demonstrating her superiority by ripping her opponent’s thong clean off her hapless victim who continues to struggle on, naked.

Because of the shortness of this catfight there is no video preview, merely a few pics taken from the footage. 

I have struggle long and hard on whether to release this catfight or merely bin it. I have decided that the sexy dominance justifies this one sided catfights release.

Derived from 4K footage you will find the video picture quality is very good indeed.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Title Catfight?

Coming May – Rebel vs Killer Sex – The Rematch

Yes this May we hope to be able to bring you the rematch between Rebel & killer Sex. If it’s anything like the 1st fight then it will be a real humdinger of a catfight. Obviously it will be for the middleweight title, so reputations are at stake. With hindsight I think sponsorship would have been a good thing for this particular catfight. Due to time constraints this was not possible.

Unfortunately we did not have a photographer at this particular catfight so an image has been taken from the footage.

This could very well turn out to be a very violent and very sexy summer here at The Catz Review.

Remember that all new releases are derived from 4K footage. We always try our best to bring you the very best there is but you always have to remember that our catfights are real within the rules and that we do not do retakes. You will not find our ladies giving each other artificial stares. It’s a catfight, and of course the ladies get nervous.

Scarlett eyeing up Rebel & a possible rematch with G – Star!

Technology is moving very fast. How long do you think it’ll be before you will be able to manufacture your own personal life like catfight using computer-generated technology?

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

The Catz Review – Ladies

Fighting Ladies - Scarlett vs G - Star Update

These are just some of the ladies that have worked with us over the last year or so. Which lady is your favourite? Who would you like to sponsor? Remember The Catz Review specialises in producing real rules topless submission catfights. Please feel free to leave comments at the bottom of our blog. Here’s just some of our ladies -

Scarlett vs G – Star is available to purchase in 720p now clips4sale website, or if you would like something slightly more substantial, then for the price of $15 you will have access to Scarlett vs G – Star & Cindy vs Skyler in 4K.

This catfight is available to view in 4K. For those of you who wish to access our video website using your email and password (having made a contribution) you will find that having made a payment you will be able to view the 4K version whenever you want. Unfortunately downloads will not be available. There is no need to download several gigabytes of video when you can go onto our website and login and view the fight at your leisure.

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The Catz Review Team

Friday, 1 April 2016


Listen to this audio…………………… it’s a real argument after a real catfight!

You can tell from the interview that there is going to be sparks in this particular catfight & I think you’ll find it doesn’t disappoint.

Scarlett vs G - Star kicks off the usual way, which is with both ladies meeting in the middle of the mats - in thongs & hold up stockings & nothing else apart from their make up. As soon as these 2 ladies start fighting things turn pretty nasty very quickly. There is plenty of verbal & accusations of cheating throughout. During round 1 both ladies attack each other’s pussies. Hair gets pulled, and arms and legs from both ladies seemed to collide into each other sensitive areas. 

Smudged red lipstick

Round 2 gets even more vicious than the previous round. Both ladies accuse each other (while fighting) of cheating. All this is taking place on the mat. Both ladies are moving, rolling so quickly that they nearly take out one of our lights & our cameraman! Thankfully one of these 2 ladies decides to bring this fight to a swift end! Unfortunately the cameraman is not in the best of positions to capture this moment so we have used footage from the backup camera which shows one of these 2 ladies suffering an undignified defeat at the hands of the other competitor.

I would class Scarlett vs G – Star as an extremely violent catfight which borders on being a bitch fight. It also contains a lot of swearing & bad language throughout!

This catfight will be available to view in 4K later in April. For those of you who wish to access our video website using your email and password (having made a contribution) you will find that having made a payment you will be able to view the 4K version whenever you want. Unfortunately downloads will not be available. There is no need to download several gigabytes of video when you can go onto our website and login and view the fight at your leisure.

Thursday, 24 March 2016



This April Scarlett will fight G – Star. The sexy blonde is not in the mood to be kind to new ladies. She just wants to show the world what a thoroughly nasty super bitch she can be on the mats. Scarlett is a beautiful young lady who is relishing the prospect of, getting her kit off, and getting to grips with her opponent.

G - Star



In this catfight crotch grabs are permitted. This should be a very interesting catfight as G – Star loves to remove her opponent’s panties; (Hence her nickname, “The knicker Ripper.”) Scarlett is looking forward to this catfight and if she ends up nude then that one really bother her as long as she wins.
Let’s hope this catfight does not get out of hand. 

Mercy to return!

From her catfight with Kat

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Tuesday, 15 March 2016

World Catfighting News


For those of you who really enjoyed the catfight between Cindy & Skyler but would have preferred the fight to fill your TV/monitor screen then fear not, this fight is available in 4K and can be purchased for $16 from our video website. 

All you need to do is click on the PayPal link and make a $16 donation, and of course remember to leave a spare email address and a password so that you can login to our video website and view/download your purchase. 

You can find our video website by clicking on this link -

Alternatively those of you who want to purchase the catfight that are only interested in 720p version than please click on this link and it will take you to our clips4sale website.

Please enjoy these terrific fight pics of the action between the 2 feisty ladies.

New lady Scarlett is likely to be in action sometime in early April. Hopefully she will stick around and give some of our top girls a run for their money.

G – Star is another lady who is likely to be in action sometime this spring as well as hopefully a new lady, or 2. 

Mercy returns?

Never heard of Mercy? Then check out Mercy vs Chantelle Fox on our clips4sale website.